Measure your space, double check the color or get a second opinion before you buy!

When you find a product you love, but are not yet ready to make the purchase, click the “Add to Amazon Wish List” button. A small Amazon pop-up will appear in the top right of your screen with the name, picture, price & quantity of the item you like. Add any notations you want to remember for later & then hit “Add to Wish List”.

If you are not currently signed into your Amazon account, you will be asked to sign in then, and redirected to the Amazon homepage. If you are already signed in, the item will be automatically added to your Wish List and you can close the pop-up. You may add as many items as you’d like with no obligation to purchase.

Once you are ready to buy the product, you can return to Woodstock Craft from your Wish List to complete your order anytime.

Woodstock Craft does not collect or store information or products customers place in their personal Amazon Wish Lists. Your Amazon Wish List information is not hosted on Woodstock Craft’s servers and is fully protected by Amazons Privacy Policy.